Motion Bank ⇾

Motion Bank was a four year project of The Forsythe Company providing a broad context for research into choreographic practice. Motion Bank was conceived and championed by William Forsythe, and developed and realized under the leadership of Scott deLahunta. Alva Noë has been a research associate of the project sinces its beginnings. The real focus of the work has been the development of scores for choreographic works by Deborah Hay, Bebe Miller and Thomas Hauert, Jonathan Burrows and Mateo Fargion, The Forsythe Company, and others. Alva has also been a member of the Dance Engaging Science project within Motion Bank.

Wild Card — Katye Coe: “Preparation” Project at Sadler's Wells ⇾

This evening is curated by Katye in conversation with Charlie Morrissey, dance artist and collaborator (Steve Paxton, Siobhan Davies). Katye has anchored this evening through key questions in their evolving duet, “where we are not.” The performers' visceral presence makes visible the live-ness of decision making. Sound artist Graeme Miller and philosopher Alva Noe will also contribute works igniting the idea of ‘preparation.’

UC Berkeley Center for New Media ⇾

The Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM) is a focal point for research and teaching about new media, led by a highly transdisciplinary community of 120 affiliated faculty, advisors, and scholars, from 35 UC Berkeley departments.

Symbolic Articulation: Picture and Language Between Action and Schema

This project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, explores pictures and language as basic forms of articulation and looks at the ways these are interconnected. The project takes its start from an embodied, or enactive, starting point and looks at language and pictures as existing at the meeting point of subjects and situations, agents and artifacts, sign and symbols, mere action and embodied thinking. Alva Noë has been a member of the project, which is under the leadership of art historian Professor Horst Bredekamp and linguist Professor Jürgen Trabant and others, from the beginning.

Reorganizing Ourselves

Left to right: Deborah Hay, Michele Steinwald, Alva Noë, Ulysses Noë (photo credit: Pizza waitress)

Left to right: Deborah Hay, Michele Steinwald, Alva Noë, Ulysses Noë (photo credit: Pizza waitress)

Reorganizing Ourselves is a collaboration between choreographer Deborah Hay, philosopher Alva Noë, and dance curator Michèle Steinwald. The trio have been touring a 3-hour lecture-performance throughout 2014. They've performed together in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Haven, with shows upcoming in San Diego, San Francisco, and other cities in 2015. The project was initiated by Deborah Hay and has been funded by her receipt of the 2012 Doris Duke Artist Award. Alva and Deborah met at Motion Bank where Deborah was creating Using The Sky.